Research and Theory

You’ll find the main pillars of the theory and research that has informed this project below. I’d love to hear your suggestions for further reading / watching/ listening. Please get in touch and share anything that you think might be relevant to extend this project further. Thank you!


Karen Barad - Meeting The Universe Halfway - Duke University Press,  2007

Stephen Hawking - Brief Answers To The Big Questions - John Murray, 2018

Journal Articles:

Johnny Golding, Daniel Rubinstein, Andy Fisher - On the Verge of Photography: Imaging Beyond Representation - ARTICLE Press, 2014

J.P. Jones, Helga Leitner, Sallie A. Marston, Eric Sheppard - Neil Smith's Scale - 2017

Gregory Hollin, Isla Forsyth, Eva Giraud, Tracey Potts - (Dis)entangling Barad: Materialisms and ethics - White Rose, 2017

Online Reading:

Jinkyung Kim - How Do Art And Quantum Nanoscience Connect? - 2019 -

Jeremy Levine - The Uncertain Human Quantum Mechanics - Digimag, 2009 -


Rick Dolphijn,  Iris van der Tuin - New Materialism: Interviews and Cartographies - Open Humanities Press, 2012 -;view=fulltext