Process and Experimentation

I took images of various neighbourhoods across east London and collected found objects from these locations. To keep an element of unpredictability and uncertainty, I decided to shoot all photos on an old film camera and to set up a DIY darkroom at home with the intention to develop all films and photos myself. This allowed me to experiment with different development techniques and to evetually find a method to ‘print’ images on the found objects.


As part of my experimentation, I also tried to print ‘directly from screen’, by displaying a negative on my laptop screen and exposing photo paper against the display for a few seconds. The results weren’t convincing, but I might try and experiment with this technique a little more in the future:

This experiment had been created by projecting a regular negative on the paper with the enlarger and by additionally resting a negative printed on acetate on the paper, effectively resulting in a double exposure: 

Another unsuccessful trial of photo development printing on some left-over concrete from a previous project: